Watch Obama Refer to Himself 97 Times in Speech to U.S.-Africa Summit

‘I ... I ... I ...’

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President Obama spoke yesterday at the 2014 U.S.-Africa Summit in Washington, D.C.

"I want to thank," the president began.

He continued: "Last year in South Africa, in Soweto," he said, "I held a town hall."

Later, the president discussed Africa's expanding energy market: "I don’t want to just sustain this momentum, I want to up it."

"I just want to close," he ultimately concluded -- having eventually referred to himself 68 times 97 times in a 44 minute appearance*.

*Grabien staff calculated this number to the best of our adding ability. We make no guarantees. Here is the full transcript


Visitor Jim writes:

Built a WORD macro for the speech transcript and it counted the following Obama personal references:

I = 73 times
I've = 7 times
Me = 3 times
My = 14 times

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