Scarborough: You Can’t Have People that Were Selling Real Estate Six Months Ago Trying to Fix Things in D.C.

‘They need a political mind in the White House right now’


SCARBOROUGH: “They need a political mind in the White House right now, they don’t have it, somebody that can plan ahead. And you can’t have these people that were selling real estate six months ago trying to sort — it’s just the truth. You just can’t. It’s so foolish for them to have thought that they could come to Washington, D.C., and as we tried to tell them on TV and off TV in one of the most complicated situations ever that have vexed CEOs and generals and MIT graduates, and the best and the brightest for 200 years, and they thought, 'Well, we’ve sold some real estate in New York, we can go there and figure it out.' No, you can’t. It’s not that easy. It looks easy.”

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