Jesse Watters and Juan Williams Rumble on Fox News: ‘Enough Juan, Enough’

‘My point is both sides came ready to rumble’

Jesse Watters and Juan Williams Rumble on Fox News: ‘Enough Juan, Enough’ (Mediaite)

The Five got ugly on Tuesday night as fallout from the president’s off-the-rails press conference engulfed the set at Fox News.

At issue was no less a matter than whether Donald Trump had doubled down on Nazi apologia during his Trump Tower remarks or whether his comments reflected a fair assessment of the Charlottesville violence.

“I just didn’t understand why he felt the need to double down,” said Juan Williams. “He has dived back into the mess … These folks came armed with guns …They came with guns.”

Ex-O’Reilly Bro, Jesse Watters took the lead in defense of Trump. Having already dispensed with former George W. Bush spokespersonDana Perino, he moved to Williams.

“Of course the white supremacists are despicable human beings, that shouldn’t exist in America” said Watters. “There are a part of the society that says if we’re just going to bring down Confederate statues, you know what, that’s the difference between that person and someone is wearing a cloak,” he said.

“Oh my gosh, Jesse, you are lost on this one,” said Williams.

“That was a brave statement,” said Watters of the president’s remarks,

“Let me just tell you something” snapped Williams. “I don’t know why you are feeling the need to defend Donald Trump or defend the alt right on this. People standing up for American values would stand up.”

The other three panelists mostly sat silently on what could have aptly just been called The Two (or Crossfire)  — but the show’s resident jester, Greg Gutfeld broke in to cut the tension.

“These things happen all the time,” he said. “Somebody was bound to die in this … We knew it was going to happen.”

— We don’t have time to dissect the idiocy of that non-sequitur, so let’s move on.

“I know a woman died,” said Watters  “But it’s not representative of American society … Trump’s taken a PR hit.”

“A PR hit,” gasped Williams. “You don’t feel anything in your soul? You don’t see the darkness here?”

“Enough Juan, enough,” Watters retorted. “My point is both sides came ready to rumble.”

This write up only scratches the surfaces.

Watch above for the full insanity.

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