MSNBC Guest: Trump ‘Largely Only Catered to a Specific White Population’

Trump’s decided ‘it’s going to be a conservative white person’s party’

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MATTHEWS: "Clearly he's decided if he's going to run for re-election, or eastern survive these four years, he's going to circle the wagons. It's going to be a conservative white person's party. I don't want minorities, liberals, anyone who cares about this country's history with race. I'm willing to exclude 60% of the country here maybe."
HERNDON: "When we talk about him playing to his base, we're talking about the president who has largely only catered to a specific white population. When you're saying circle the wagons, that abdicates what he said on election night about being president to all Americans. We have seen presidents even population, take the responsibility to comfort others. And even in his statement today when he's denouncing the KKK and neo Nazis there was never a word to those non-white Americans who were specifically targeted by these groups and who he took two days to even come out and denounce. Where was his word to them?"

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