North: The Only Option Short of Military Action Is to Convince Xi to Act Against Kim Jong Un

Unless Xi intervenes, they will have to take preemptive military action


NORTH: "And it poses an immediate, serious threat, existential threat to the United States. Let me just take a step further from what Ambassador Bolton just said. Our only thing that we can do right now short of military action is to convince Chinese president Xi that it is in Chinese interest to act now against Kim Jong-un. Unless Xi intervenes, the United States will have to take preemptive military action and that will have catastrophic consequences for North Korea and the People’s Republic of China. Think about this, up to 25 percent of the North Korean population of 25 million is likely to flee on foot across the Yalu and Tumen rivers and take to the sea like the boat people from Vietnam. Here are ten things our president should do to convince Xi that we are deadly serious. Kim Jong-un is not listening, it won't matter, but Xi can make the difference." 

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