Mike Allen: ‘No Evidence’ as Trump Tweets that His Base Is ‘Bigger’ and ‘Stronger’

‘He’s had this very long leash with his base, now we’re seeing signs of that erosion’


ALLEN: "Well Joe, the president’s base has been very durable, but there’s no evidence as the president tweets that his base is bigger and getting stronger. So over the weekend we had some fascinating polling from Firehouse strategies and optimists; Firehouse, a new Republican firm here. Polling in swing state, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. And they’re finding -- nice sample size, 2901, they’re finding that among the Republican base that his strongly favorable is going down, notably over the last four months, and his honesty is going down. So the Trump base has stayed together very well but look at these crucial states and he’s starting to erode. The very favorable going down by very notable amounts. So, what we’re seeing is that for a long time we wondered how long can this last? He’s had this very long leash with his base. Now we’re seeing signs of that erosion."

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