Scarborough: Jim Acosta ‘Went off the Rails,’ Like He Was Quoting ‘Mein Kampf’

‘When Jim Acosta used the language, it seems like your polices are trying to engineer racial and ethnic percentages or something it sure sounded like something that you would read out of Mein Kampf or something’

Scarborough: Jim Acosta ‘Went Off the Rails,’ Like He Was Quoting ‘Mein Kampf’ (Mediaite

Yesterday’s White House press briefing didn’t run short of fireworks. With Stephen Miller at the podium, expectations of conflict were high — and we were not disappointed.

CNN’s “objective” Jim Acosta led the charge in a now infamous exchange with Miller which involved quoting the Statue of Liberty, ethnic engineering, and “cosmopolitan bias.”

On Morning Joe, Thursday, the gang assembled to dissect the exchange, with the general consensus being that Acosta’s overly emotional performance made him the loser.



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