Bolton Blasts Kerry Trying for Cease-Fire: ‘Hamas Gets to Destroy a Little Bit of Israel?’

‘What’s the compromise position between Hamas, that wants to destroy Israel, and Israel?’

BOLTON: "I think it is a mistake to try and broker a ceasefire at this point. But, it is really simply a reflection of a year-and-a-half of misplaced priorities by the administration to try and cut a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. As long as Hamas is determined to destroy Israel, there isn’t any deal to be cut. There's no room for negotiation. What's the compromise position between Hamas who wants to destroy Israel, and Israel? That Hamas gets to destroy a little bit of Israel? I mean, just think about it for a minute. That's why there has never been a role for diplomacy in the current circumstances and there isn’t today, looking at a ceasefire."

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