Eric Trump: The Russia Probe ‘Is the Greatest Witch Hunt of All Time’

‘It is the greatest witch hunt of all time’


E. TRUMP: "As I stay out of the marble halls of Washington on purpose because quite frankly, I don’t like -- like  a lot of the people there. But here is what I'll say. You know, it’s -- it's disheartening for me to watch the pile on to him with nonsense Russia investigations. There’s nothing there. We've said that a million times. Everybody said that, right? I mean, it is the greatest witch hunt of all time. But then you see the crimes that other people get away with. You look at Loretta Lynch; she hasn’t even subpoenaed. How has Loretta Lynch not been subpoenaed? Where -- where is she? We are all of these enraged senators and people calling for her to come in?"

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