David Clarke: Violence in Chicago ‘Deeply Ingrained’; Won’t Be Solved by a Program

‘The Chicago police department, they’ve been let down as President Trump indicated’


CLARKE: "Well it's the subset of the poor, OK? They live by different values. Here is what I mean by different values. They settled disputes with violence. They'll take property by force. They intimidate neighbors and friend and people in the community with firearms. So when you see that sort of stuff going on over and over and over again, it starts to grow, if you don’t start enacting some public safety policy, which means the use of jails and prisons as a crime control. That's one of the things when I say fail liberal urban policies, they've taken on these social engineering. They think that they can event some program and modify behavior. This is deeply ingrained behavior in this subset of the population and it’s not easily changed with a program. So you -- that’s why I said jails and prisons are one of the most effective tools."

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