Chuck Todd: People Are ‘Fatigued’ from Obama

‘The more foreign policy problems that pop up, the lack you see in the poll numbers, you see a lack of confidence in him’

Todd: Americans Are ‘Fatigued’ from Obama, Have Lost Confidence in Him (Washington Free Beacon)

MSNBC host Chuck Todd said the American people are “fatigued” from President Barack Obama Monday on Morning Joe, in the wake of a poll showing Republican Mitt Romney would trounce him in a rematch of the 2012 election.

Co-host Thomas Roberts called the poll evidence of “voter’s remorse” for sending Obama back to the White House. Obama defeated Romney in 2012 with 51 percent of the popular vote, but the CNN poll showed Romney winning 53-44 this time. Obama has low numbers with voters in a variety of areas, including his handling of the border crisis, foreign policy and the economy.

Todd pointed out Obama’s average job rating in states with competitive 2014 Senate races was 38 percent.

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