Jack Keane: Iran Wants Eastern Syria and We Should Not Permit that to Happen

‘They want to go to eastern Syria under the guise of the cease-fire’

KEANE: "Iranians have a strategy, and where they are on the strategy. They have solidified western Syria. In terms of favorable to the regime, except for at that and then promises and down in the southwestern part. That is all now pro regime consolidated power. Aside is not going anywhere. He has been shared. That is a reality we had the face. However, what Iran strategy now is as we are trying to defeat ISIS in the eastern part of Syria, Iran does not want the United States and its coalition forces to undo influences there. They want to go to eastern Syria under the guise of the cease-fire, that we just had with the Russians. They went eastern Syria, Iran, and we should not commit that to happen. We should not rollback western Syria. They do not have to get eastern Syria. That does not seem to be the administration’s unequivocal policy. They do not seem to recognize that if they do not contain Iran and eastern Syria, they get the land bridge through Syria, Lebanon, and up encroaches on Israel’s security. It endangers the other Arab nations, that borders on Syria and Lebanon."

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