ESPN’s Stephen Smith to Women: ‘Don’t Do Anything to Provoke’ Men into Beating You

‘Let’s make sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong actions ... let’s try to make sure that we can do our part in making sure that that doesn’t happen’

ESPN’s Stephen Smith to Women: ‘Don’t Do Anything to Provoke’ Men Into Beating You (Mediaite)

Fresh off his controversial defense of Tony Dungy‘s gay comments, Stephen A. Smith has a message to all the women outraged by NFL playerRay Rice‘s paltry suspension for domestic abuse: Don’t say anything that could make your man beat you.

“It’s not about him, then. It’s about you, and here’s what I mean by that,” Smith said in a long monologue addressing the women-watching contingent of First Take today. “I think that just talking about what guys shouldn’t do, we got to also make sure that you can do your part to do whatever you can do to make, to try to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

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