Tucker Carlson: Those Who Hate Trump Have Gone Hilariously Crazy

‘Not only is the president an immoral Russian stooge, he’s fat’

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CARLSON: “Good evening and welcome to 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' By the end of this week, Donald Trump will have been president of the United States for a total of six months. It seems like ten years, that’s because from a news perspective there’s been about a decade’s worth of drama packed into a bewilderingly short period of time. Donald Trump has dominated virtually every story in America since the day he was inaugurated. Almost all of them have been hostile. Given that, it is amazing, it’s remarkable how many people who voted for Donald Trump in November tell pollsters they still support him. How is that possible? Well, as Henny Youngman replied when asked about his wife, 'Compared to what?' Trump may be badly flawed, you can make that case, but the people who hate him have gone crazy, sometimes hilariously so. Here’s the latest attack. Not only is the president an immoral Russian stooge, he’s fat.”

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