Jeffrey Toobin: When You Think of Trump, There’s Never Anything Beneath the Surface

‘The great virtue of his Twitter feed is that you really know what he’s thinking’


TOOBIN: "Whatever I think of Donald Trump, and there's never anything beneath the surface. I mean, it's always right out there. That's the great virtue of his Twitter feed is that you really know what he's thinking. But the problem is, he doesn't engage with the policy aspects. And, you know, Dean heller is looking at the state of Nevada where millions of people are going to lose insurance under the repeal plan, under the repeal and replace plan, and the president is expecting him to vote for it. Why would he vote for it if he's running for reelection and it's going to do all that damage to the state? That's the policy problem. But the president talks about it exclusively in terms of, are you with me or are you against me?


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