Dem Rep.: ‘We Are Far Past Collusion’ with Respect to Trump and Russia

‘If there’s anything we have learned in the last six months, it’s that the truth will be out’

Dem Rep: ‘We Are Far Past Collusion’ With Respect to Trump and Russia (The Washington Free Beacon)

Rep. Denny Heck (D., Wash.) told CNN host Kate Bolduan on Tuesday that the Trump campaign's involvement with Russia has now gone "far past collusion," and called on the Trump administration to come clean.

The House Intelligence Committee member brought up the Watergate scandal that sunk former President Richard Nixon's administration and said President Donald Trump has found himself in a similar position. Heck stopped short of calling for impeachment, however, and said administration officials should tell the whole truth.

"My advice to him is that it is far past time to come clean," he said. "If there's anything we have learned in the last six months, it's that the truth will be out."

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