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FNC: Women Shot and Killed by Minneapolis Police After Calling 911 to Report Assault
‘Both of the officers are now on paid administrative leave’


TOBIN: "Sandra, that is the real mystery of this case. It's complicated by the fact that the woman who called police is the woman who was shot. She has not been identified through official channels, but multiple witnesses at the scene and local media have identified her as 44-year-old Justine Ruszczyk, she went by the name of Damond. She is from Australia. She worked at the spiritual community center, taught meditation, yoga, life coaching. All that is known about the shooting is that she called the police about a disturbance around 11:30 Saturday night. She met police in the alley. While speaking to officers at the driver side door, the officer in the passenger seat fired his weapon, fatally striking Damond. Now community activists have been gathering for demonstrations and demanding answers."

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