Michael Hayden: ‘Most Benign Explanation’ for Trump Jr. Meeting Is that He Was a ‘Useful Idiot’ for the Russians

‘It translates as useful idiot or useful fool’


CAMEROTA: "So let’s move to the Trump side. Was saying yes to this meeting simply naivety and not knowing that they were being played? Is that the generous way to look at this?"
HAYDEN: "That's the most generous interpretation, Alisyn. There is a phrase from the Soviet period that the Russians used when they would take advantage of -- of someone naive, for whom they might have even personal contempt, but they were not above using them. And the Russian phrase is 'polezniye duraki', which is translated variously as useful idiot or useful fool. I mean, frankly that, to me, is the most benign explanation that I can give you of the Trump side of this meeting."

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