Graham: If We Don’t Send Health Care Back to the States, the Gov’t Will Take It Over One Day

‘Washington will not take over health care’


GRAHAM: "We are going to take all of the money that we've got around ObamaCare and all of the policy and get it out of Washington, send it back to the state so South Carolina can come up with its own way of dealing with health care for South Carolinians. California can do something else. You can’t spend it on roads and bridges. You've got to spend it on health care, but we will give you the flexibility the ObamaCare does not give you. And if we do this, that’s the end of single-payer health care. If we don’t do this, one day, the government will take over all health care. If we send the money and policy back to the individual states, Washington will not take over health care. That's the beauty of this idea."

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