Andy Biggs: ‘We’re Picking up Steam’ on Skipping the August Recess and Getting Health Care Done

‘I am very hopeful’

ASMAN: "You need a majority in order to have a quorum. You can have all the Democrats not show up and all the Republicans show up and get stuff done."
BIGGS: "Absolutely you could blues not sure it would work out just like that, but the reality is we want to get something done. A lot of us coming, a lot of old-timers continue it vital, I am very hopeful."
ASMAN: "Tracy was saying it is one of those things where nobody will say we have to have a recess. No one wants to it missed they have to have a vacation but they are having and tying about going along with canceling the August recess. It is a long shot."
BIGGS: "It is a long shot but the optics are so bad to take four or five weeks off when we have budget deadline looming, debt ceiling debate that has to take place, plus big timber, the health care repeal and tax reform, what we have to get done."

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