Stephen Cohen: ‘Today We Witnessed’ Trump ‘Emerging as an American Statesman’

‘What we saw today was potentially the most faithful meeting between American and Russian president since the war time’

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CARLSON: "Overrun another channel Chris Matthews predicted the president would be at a massive disadvantage in his meeting with latimer Putin. Because of course he knows everything about his little puppet Donald Trump."You can’t edit live television, but still. Back in reality, the question is which of the president be looking to gain from today’s meeting with the Russian leader. For that we turn to an actual expert on the subject, a Russian speaker, Stephen Cohen is a professor at nyu, taught at princeton, also contribute an editor at the nation magazine. He joins us tonight. Professor, the first thing you notice is just how much the press is rooting for this meeting between our president and the Russian president to fail. Why? Why were they wanted to fail?"
COHEN: "It’s kind of pornography, justice like there’s no law against — there is no American interest. As a historian, let me tell you the headline I would write instead. What we witnessed today in Hamburg. Potentially historic new, anti-cold war partnership, begun by trump and Putin, but meanwhile attempts to sabotage it escalate. He said it was an expert. I actually do have one expertise expertise. I’ve seen a lot of summits as we call meetings between American and Russian presidents. The president even participated— the first George Bush’s summit preparation, when he met with gorbachev and invited them to the camp David. In that context, I think what we saw today was potentially the most faithful meeting between American and Russian president since the war time. The reason is that the relationship with Russia is so dangerous. And yet we have a president who might have been crippled by these Russian attacks on him, and yet he was not. He was, I think, politically courageous. It went well, he did important things, and this will be astonishing to be said but I think today we witnessed pertinent stomach witnessed tonic president trunk I think it was a good day for everybody."

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