Klain: If Trump Didn’t Raise Hacking with Putin, ‘Corrosion of Our Democracy’ Will Only Get Worse

‘The question is did Donald Trump go in there with smiles or a really strong approach’


KLAIN: "Well, I think it sends a very bad signal here at home but more importantly a very bad signal to Vladimir Putin. This is a man who understands strength. And if President Trump did not confront him directly in that one-on-one meeting, two-on-one -- two-on-two meeting with the evidence that the Russians tampered in our elections and with the insistence that it stop, all we can expect is that in fact, get worse in 2018 and 2020 with more corrosion of our democracy and our democratic system. So, you know, this is a man that respects strength. The question is did Donald Trump go in there with smiles, he said it was an honor to meet Vladimir Putin, or did he go in there with a really strong approach?"

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