NBC Reporter Accuses Trump of Exploiting Terminally Ill Infant Charlie Gard

‘You could decide that this was the president trying to use the grief of two parents and a small baby for political gain’

NBC Reporter Accuses Trump Of Exploiting Terminally Ill Infant Charlie Gard (The Daily Caller)

NBC’s Matt Bradley accused Donald Trump Monday of using Charlie Gard’s parents’ grief in order to further his own political agenda.

Trump tweeted earlier that day that he would be “delighted” to help Charlie Gard, a U.K. infant who has been sentenced to die by the British courts.

Gard has a mitochondrial disease that has rendered him critically ill, and his parents wish to bring him to the United States for experimental treatment. However, British courts have declined the parents’ request to move their child and have granted doctors the right to end Gard’s life-sustaining treatment at any time.

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