Chuck Todd: Trump’s ‘Acting Like a Spectator’ on Health Care

‘He’s acting like a spectator when it comes to health care’


TODD: "Yeah. He’s acting like a spectator to all of this, when it comes to health care. I mean, essentially, the biggest single promise the Republican has made for seven years, it’s going down in flames right now in the Senate. Mitch McConnell is like a one-man band desperately trying to salvage this for the Republican Party, and the -- and the president is sitting there tweeting ridiculous insults -- and mind you, the attack on -- on -- on Mika, Willie, really offended a lot of women. The -- the three -- three of the Republican senators most uncomfortable with the health care bill right now also happen to be women and were extraordinarily offended by what the president did, Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, Shelley Moore Capito in West Virginia, Susan Collins in Maine. So, you know, he’s not helping at all. He’s yet to give a speech. He didn’t understand the policy details, that bothered a lot of Republican senators when they met with him."

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