CNN Slams Chris Christie: He ‘Got Caught in a Lie’

‘Governor Chris Christie got caught in a lie’


[clip starts]
CHRISTIE: "No, it didn't, Claude, but go ahead. I didn't get any sun today. No. No. There's no one on the beach state park, no lifeguards. There's no one to pick up the garbage. There's no one providing any services at Island Beach State Park. Next. Next! I'm -- excuse me. Next. Next. I'm done. We're talking about the closure of government, and you're talking about your TMZ stuff."
[clip ends]
CAMEROTA: "No, you can't pass on this one, Governor, because unfortunately there is a little something called photo evidence. And it surfaced of Christie and his family on the beach and when that happened, his aide explained the comment about not getting any sun from the governor was because, quote, 'He had a baseball hat on.'"
BERMAN: "He got caught in a lie. I mean, let's just say it, you know, Governor Chris Christie got caught in a lie. He said he wasn't out there enjoying the beach, I didn't get any sun today."
CAMEROTA: "I'm not sure that baseball hat covers everything."

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