McCain: ‘I Don’t Know’ How Likely It Is We’ll Send Trump an ObamaCare Repeal Bill; ‘I’m Not a Vote Counter’

‘I have said all along I thought we should talk to the Democrats from the beginning’


REPORTER 2: "How likely is it that Congress will send him an ObamaCare repeal bill? 50/50?"
MCCAIN: "I don’t know. I don't know."
REPORTER 2: "Don’t know?"
MCCAIN: "We have people coming out every day and against it, some for it and all that. I don't -- I’m not a vote counter. ... I have said all along that I thought we should talk to the Democrats from the beginning. I complained bitterly in 2009 about them shutting us out so we shut them out. I think that was a very serious mistake, especially when you need 60 votes on some aspects."

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