MSNBC Does Not Mention Hamas During Segment on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

‘Life here, in a very depressing and sad way, goes on’

MSNBC Doesn’t Mention Hamas Once in Segment on Gaza Deaths (The Washington Free Beacon)

MSNBC ran an entire segment on the fighting between Palestinians and Israel Wednesday without once mentioning Hamas, the terrorist militant group that’s fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians, started the latest conflict and has officially rejected an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire agreement.

The report on Ronan Farrow Daily, whose eponymous host once worked at the State Department, instead focused on four boys killed on a Gaza beach in an Israeli airstrike. No mention was made of Hamas’ practice of using human shields, as well.

“Life here, in a very depressing and sad way, goes on,” said NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin.

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