Ron Johnson: ‘There’s No Way We Should Be Voting’ on the Health Care Bill Next Week

‘Let’s have the integrity to show the American people what it is, show them the truth’

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CHUCK TODD: So you don’t like this process, but you’re not willing to be the vote to delay things to force the process to get better?

SEN. RON JOHNSON: Well, I would like to delay the thing. There’s no way we should be voting on this next week. No way. There’s no way the folks in Wisconsin—

CHUCK TODD: Are you going to work to stop it? Are you going to work to stop a vote next week?

SEN. RON JOHNSON: I have a hard time believing Wisconsin constituents or even myself will have enough time to properly evaluate this, for me to vote for a motion to proceed. So I’ve been encouraging leadership, the White House, anybody I can talk to for quite some time, let’s not rush this process. Let’s have the integrity to show the American people what it is, show them the truth—

CHUCK TODD: And why haven’t they listened to you?

SEN. RON JOHNSON: —so we can actually argue against the rhetoric. Well, maybe they will.

CHUCK TODD: Okay. Well, we’re going to find out this week. Sen. Johnson, as you lamented, I’m out of time. I do wish we had more time. But until we meet again, thanks for coming on and sharing your views, sir.

SEN. RON JOHNSON: Have a great day.

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