Andre Carson: Nancy Pelosi Is a ‘Phenomenal Leader’

‘I think she should stay’


CARSON: "I think Nancy Pelosi has been an asset. I think the argument of changing wait we do things in the democratic house is very valid, but what we don’t want to do is push aside someone like Nancy Pelosi and bring in a refined and more polished good ‘ol boys club. I think she’s brought in muslims, and I think she has a visionary. I don’t know that another minority leader would have been that bold in meeting the requests that I had for several years to be on the Intel committee. She was bold enough to do it. I’m suspicious another leader wouldn’t have done it. We don’t need another leader that goes to Ramadan, say they go to the black church and once they stay in office they go against the very people they claim to protect. Nancy Pelosi has gone not only above and beyond the job, I think she should stay. However, some of the creeps coming from the dissenting crowd need to be heard and respected."

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