Fox News: ISIS Blows Up Historic Mosque in Mosul, Iraq

‘Iraq’s prime minister calling this the official defeat of ISIS’


HEMMER: "ISIS has blown up a symbolic and highly historic mosque in Mosul, northern Iraq. 12th century mosque was where the terror group declared its founding of the Caliphate three years ago. Iraq’s prime minister calling this the official defeat of ISIS. Conor Powell is live on that from our Middle East bureau with more. Connor?" 
POWELL: "Yeah, Bill, ISIS is not fully defeated yet in Iraq, they still hold a few streets in Mosul, but they are certainly very close to being defeated there. The few fighters that remain, though, did blow up this ancient and historic mosque just in the past few days,. The al-Nuri mosque was a real symbol of ISIS since they declared their Caliphate there, it's also a historically old and important mosque in the Middle East in general."

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