Border Patrol Council: Illegal Immigrant ‘Children’ Include MS-13 Gang Members

‘They do not hesitate to use extreme violence if necessary’

Border Crisis: Illegal Immigrant ‘Children’ Include MS-13 Gang Members (Washington Free Beacon)

Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Shawn Moran told Fox News that the violent MS-13 gang is exploiting the chaos on the U.S. border to recruit new juvenile members.

“We know the cartels were exploiting this and continue to exploit this crisis in south Texas, it makes sense that MS-13 and other gangs would do the same,” said Moran.

According to Moran, the gang has been using a Red Cross phone bank on the border, originally intended for unaccompanied minors to use to contact relatives: “These phones are being utilized by gang members to recruit, to enlist, to pressure people, other juveniles into joining the MS-13 gang.”

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