Dershowtiz: Jonathan Turley Is ‘Categorically Wrong’ in His Advice to Trump

‘Jonathan Turley is a bright lawyer’


DERSHOWITZ: "Jonathan Turley is a bright lawyer. He is credit Gourley wrong. He is nice to trump and his interpretation of the Constitution. The Justice Department has twice ruled in a memo, then I just read this morning for the second or third time, stating clearly that the president cannot be indicted, prosecuted, and tried while serving in office. The only mechanism the Constitution provides is that he could be impeached, and once impeached and removed from office, he can then be charged with a criminal trial. A sitting president cannot come according to the justice Department, be tried, in the president would be making a terrible mistake by getting into the weeds of arguing the facts, rather than sticking with the conceptual constitution issues. Mr. President, do not accept Jonathan Turley’s advice. When it comes to this issue, he is not giving you good advice."


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