Jon Ossoff: Voters Don’t Care that I Live Outside the District

‘Voters are asking me what I’m going to do to improve our local economy, what I’m going to do to make sure they have access to health care’

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RUHLE: “But, Jon, since the special election where you were at 48.1 percent, things have only moved to 48.8 percent with 50 million bucks under your belt. Voters care about a lot. If you look back on this and things are that tight, wouldn’t you say to yourself, ‘Just get an apartment in the district, this race counts so much?’”
OSSOFF: “Well, if voters were raising that as a serious concern, Steph, maybe I would. But voters care about how policy and how representation is going to impact their daily lives. They know I grew up in this community, they know I grew up in the sixth district, they know why I’m a couple miles south of the line. It’s not a major issue in the race. I’m focused on delivering representation that will serve our local economy, that will serve the daily needs of the people I hope to represent and I’m offering a fresh voice to bring that kind of service to the sixth district.”

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