Chaffetz: Trump Admin ‘Almost Worse’ than Obama Admin on Transparency

‘In many ways it’s almost worse, because we’re getting nothing’

Chaffetz: Trump Admin ‘Almost Worse’ Than Obama Admin on Transparency (The Washington Free Beacon)

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) said in a new interview aired Sunday that he does not see much of a difference between the Trump and Obama administrations when it comes to transparency.

Chaffetz, who recently relinquished his role as chairman of the House Oversight Committee and is planning to leave Congress on June 30, did not hold back during an interview with the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

"Full Measure" radio host Sharyl Attkisson said to Chaffetz that with Republicans controlling the House, Senate, and White House, one would think that federal agencies could not stonewall investigations.

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