David Brooks Admits ‘There’s Less and Less Evidence’ that Trump and Russia Colluded

‘I’m getting more uncomfortable with this whole deal thinking maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves’


BROOKS: “I’m actually getting more uncomfortable with this whole deal thinking that maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves and I’m bothered by the lack of emerging evidence of the underlying crime that there was actually collusion or coordination with the Trump White House. So what's happened is, we surrounded the President with this legal minefield, and Donald Trump being Donald Trump steps all over the legal minefield that blows him up six ways from Sunday, but it is becoming an investigation about itself. You know, I've lived through Whitewater and through a lot of these, and there is a lot of shady behavior that don’t rise to the Watergate level, and I’m just afraid we’re being swallowed up by the politics of scandal when there's less and less evidence that they actually colluded. Maybe that'll come out, but so far it hasn't and it bothers me.”

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