Judith Miller: ‘The President I Think Doth Protest Too Much; Twitter Has Worked out Very Well for Him’

‘I understand his frustration’


MILLER: "He’s talking about all the stories we’ve seen recently that come from high-level leaks, either former officials confirmed by existing officials. We know how this game is played. You gets a buddy who has a grave or a grudge against the president, you leak information, and you ask him to go to her friend and government, but this is journalism and this is Washington. This is politics. The president knows how this game is played very well. That’s why he uses Twitter and where would we be without Twitter because everything we know or a lot of what we know, we know from leaks and what he has set himself on Twitter. The president does protest too much. It Twitter has worked out very well for him. I understand his frustration. Even Jim Comey, the man he fired says there’s no evidence to collusion, but will have to see what Miller says."

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