Dana Loesch on Baseball Shooting: Good Guys with Guns Saved the Day

‘If he hadn’t been there with the officers there would have been no one there to defend them’


LOESCH: “As other congressional members said, Bill, this would have been a killing field. It absolutely would have been a killing field. And here's the thing — it was guns, the good guys with guns that saved the day. And if Steve Scalise had not been there as a member of GOP leadership with his — it wasn't private security, it was Capitol Hill police, and they give him two officers to detail him when he leaves the grounds — if he hadn’t been there with those officers there would have been no one there to defend them. These congressional members, without certain permits either in Virginia or special allowances in D.C., they are not allowed to carry. I know that Congressman Loudermilk has suggested reciprocity for congressional members, which I think is a great thing, but I think we need reciprocity for everyone in the United States so no one is forced to look in the eyes of a bad guy as he is trying to kill us with his illegally possessed firearm."

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