Paul Ryan: Financial Choice Act ‘Comes to the Rescue of Main Street America’

‘It’s vital to creating good paying jobs and getting back to real economic growth’


RYAN: "This legislation comes to the rescue of Main Street America. The Dodd-Frank Act has had a lot of bad consequences for our economy, but most of all in small communities across our country. Community banks are going out of business because they cannot deal with the costly and the countless rules. Look, so many of us represent Middle America. Big businesses can get loans in big cities from big banks, but everybody else doesn't get their money that way. We are losing community banks by the day and most of the jobs in this country come from community banks, come from small businesses. They who take the risk, these entrepreneurs, these small businesses, they go and get credit from the community bank and that's where job growth comes from. And the reason we haven't had the kind of economic growth that we need in this country is because of the regulatory structure. This bill fixes that."  

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