Colbert: Trump Can’t Replace Reince Priebus Because Nobody Wants His Job

‘Even though Reince still has his job, insiders say that he’s a dead man walking’

COLBERT: "Meanwhile, a lot of people in the White House are worried about a big shakeup right now. None more so than chief of staff and man whose name sounds more made up than "Covfefe," Reince Priebus. Now, Priebus has always had a bit of trouble fitting in at the White House because he lacks the one quality Trump values most in his staff: Being married to his daughter. Even though Reince still has his job, insiders say that he's a dead man walking. Not to be confused with the walking dead. That's Steve Bannon. He looks fine. He looks good. He's got a nice tan. Got a nice tan. Now, there's one thing really keeping Priebus from being replaced, and that's finding a replacement. Apparently, his greatest job security is that there are few takers for what might be an unworkable gig. So, I just want to say to the president, you might want to hold off building that border wall, because White House chief of staff is another job Americans don't want to do. And it's a lot like farm work: Long hours, low pay, and a whole lot of manure shoveling. We've got a great show for you tonight."

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