Krauthammer: Obama ‘Opening the Doors of America’ to the Migrant Surge

‘It will double, it will triple’

Krauthammer: Obama ‘Opening the Doors of America’ to the Migrant Surge (National Review Online)

The Obama administration can say it wants to address to the border crisis, but its inaction shows that it’s welcoming the surge of immigrant children, Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News on Monday. For example, Homeland Security is intentionally misapplying a sex-trafficking law to justify retaining children who have illegally come to the country.

“Obama is clearly been making the statement . . . that he is opening the doors of America to this influx — it will double, it will triple,” he said.

“He obviously was never serious,” added Krauthammer. “I don’t think he is lost on this — I think he knows what to do, he wants to win the political argument with Hispanics and other pro-immigration groups, and he’s doing it for political reasons very very cynically.”

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