Zeke Emanuel on ObamaCare: ‘Absolutely … We’ve Had Unintended Consequences’

‘We’ve had the problems that were in the bill’


KING: "I hope you heard Senator Manchin said, listen, millions of people now have health care that didn't have it before. They don't want to get -- they don't want to lose it. But we all know that it needs to be fixed, he says." 
EMANUEL: "Yeah."
KING: "Would you agree that it needs to be fixed -- you're one of the architects?"
EMANUEL: "Oh, absolutely."
KING: "You have some solutions to fix it?"
EMANUEL: "We've had unintended consequences from the Affordable Care Act. We've had problems that were in the bill this we couldn't solve before it gotten acted. And it's been around for seven years, so some of the problems have become obvious. Any corporation that would do a massive change like this would make constant adjustments, because of the paralysis in Congress, we haven't been able to make the adjustments." 

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