Sebastian Gorka on CNN: ‘CNN Is One of the Greatest Purveyors of Fake News’

‘Well, unfortunately, what you’ve just spun is classic fake news’

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CUOMO: “So Sean Spicer, everybody else around the president scolded the media, stop calling it a travel ban, this executive order, that’s not what it is, you fake news people. And then President Trump this morning says what we’ve known all along, Sebastian, it is a ban. He likes that it’s a ban. He likes the original ban and that’s what he wants everybody to know. Why play the games?”
GORKA: “There are no games. The president can call it whatever he likes because he has the constitutional authority to control whoever comes into this country, Chris. That’s his job; the Constitution, tradition, precedence and administrative law give him that right. If he wants to call it a ban he’s the president, he’s the chief officer of this administration and he has every right to do that.”
CUOMO: “Right. And why wasn’t the administration just honest about it all along? Why have Sean Spicer and you and everybody else say it’s not a ban. It’s just vetting. And you’re trying to make it sound like something it isn’t. The president just proved what the truth is. All this has been spin, and a distraction. Why?”
GORKA: “I’m not going to fall into the trap of us being the spinmeisters when CNN is one of the greatest purveyors of fake news. The fact is it’s been the same since the beginning; from the first EO, to the second EO, it’s one thing, Chris, it’s about protecting Americans. And if anybody out there has a problem with us trying to keep Americans safe then they need to look in the mirror and they need to ask themselves whether they are the purveyors of fake news.”
CUOMO: “Sebastian, it has always been about who it targets, how it targets them and whether or not that is what will keep us safe. And you guys played games about it and said it’s not a ban. I could play you Sean Spicer right now, but you know it’s true. And then the president decides to be honest about it this morning. That is spin. You are the purveyor of spin, because that was your message, that it wasn’t a ban, and it was untrue. That’s why I’m asking you.”
GORKA: “So — so I guess — I guess President Obama was also a purveyor of spin with that calculation, because the executive order is based upon the Obama White House analysis of the seven nations of greatest concern for immigration to America. Is he a purveyor of spin, Chris?”
CUOMO: “Well, that’s an interesting question, and while I —“
GORKA: “It is, isn’t it? Isn’t it?”
CUOMO: “And while — I like that you must get away from President Trump and his policy as quickly as possible —“
GORKA: “Not at all.”
CUOMO: “And go to the bromide of blaming Obama for everything.” [crosstalk]

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