Pelosi on Pulling out of Paris Deal: Trump ‘Lives in a Fact-Free Zone’

‘Almost every school child in the America knows more about climate challenge than apparently the president of the United States’

PELOSI: "I kept thinking about that yesterday when I was seeing President Trump make a statement. How are you — almost every school child in America knows more about the climate challenge than apparently the President of the United States. He lives in a fact-free zone. His speech was based on White House counsel memo that was incorrect, it was false. He does not know anything about the agreement that he is walking away from. He cited an M.I.T. study that the agreement would slow global warming by a tiny, tiny amount, but M.I.T. officials rejected that statement today and they have said actually the reverse, that without the agreement, the acceleration of global warming would go forward. They said that Trump misunderstood — that's a generous word — their study."

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