Kentucky Bank Teller Fired for Telling Customers to 'Have a Blessed Day'

Polly Neace had worked at U.S. bank for 24 years

PC Police Win: Woman Loses Her Job of 24 Years For Giving Very Common Pleasantry to Customers (Independent Journal Review)

A woman being fired for saying “Have a blessed day” is heating up the debate on political correctness.

In 2009, Polly Neace of Kentucky heard the saying from one of her patrons at U.S. Bank. Polly liked the saying so much, she adopted it herself. Until recently, that is.

The Daily Mail Reports:

She said it all started in March 2011 when someone complained she had told them ‘have a blessed day’.

In a Code of Ethics violation, US Bank states several customers had complained when Neace said the phrase, which has Christian connotations.

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