David Chalian: Trump Should Be ‘Extremely Worried’ About How Bad Comey Testimony Can Be for Him

‘We have seen him give compelling testimony in the past’


CHALIAN: "Well, that first headline you mentioned about learning that Jim Comey is going to be going to The Hill to testify and tell the stories of his conversations with President Trump, presumably, Chris, I think that is huge. I said yesterday, and I've been rattling -- sort of racking my brain trying to think of I could think of a better example. I don't think there's been as big a hearing as this one will be since Anita Hill. And I think that because we know Comey enjoys the spotlights in these moments, we have seen him give just unbelievably compelling testimony in the past in the Bush years, if I were Donald Trump, I would be extremely worried about just how bad of a day that may be for him." 

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