MSNBC Host Brzezinski Pledges To Join Fast Food Workers Protesting Low Pay

'Treat people badly, pay them terribly and be proud of your profits'

Mika To The Barricades! Will Participate In Fast-Food Pay Protest (NewsBusters)

Mika to the barricades! Move over, Reverend Al.  You're not the only MSNBC host who moonlights as a liberal activist. On today's Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski announced that she will be not merely be covering a pay protest by fast-food workers in Detroit on August 29th--she'll be an active participant in it.

Joe Scarborough tried—in vain—to school Mika on Econ 101.  But she did the equivalent of covering her ears and nattering "nah, nah, nah: can't hear you!"  Scarborough said he'd also be at the protest--on the sidelines, with a bullhorn.

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