Cory Booker: ‘Disastrous’ AHCA Will Imperil Health Care for Tens of Millions of Americans

‘It’s a disastrous piece of legislation that will put tens of millions of Americans’ health care in peril’


BOOKER: "I’ve had a lot of discussions with Republicans on both side of Congress and frankly, really frustrated that there seems to be B this desire to kill the affordable care act. Please understand even before we talk about the administration, this administration doing things that are endangering the markets. They’re doing things that cause uncertainty for insurance companies and so this is a very bad climate and I’ve been reaching out and having conversations with folk, let’s come together not to destroy ObamaCare, but to fix the problems and try to make it better for everybody, but unfortunately, we haven’t seen that desire. The Republicans in Senate seem to be going off on their own trying to come up with legislation and what passed out of the house of representatives, we now see what the cbo said, it’s a disastrous piece of legislation that will put tens of millions of Americans' health care in peril. and then on top of that, frankly, given the wealthiest amongst was tax breaks to yank health care away completely from some of the most vulnerable of our citizens. Seniors and children. This is a craven what we’ve seen is a craven efforts on the house amongst the House Republicans and now, it doesn’t seem like there’s a climate in the is that the to doing the right thing, which is keeping health care for millions of Americans, taking the advancements we’ve made under the care about and make ING them better. That’s what we should be doing and what I’m hoping we get to, at least in the United States Senate."

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