Scarborough on GOP Questioning of Brennan: They Are ‘Making Fools of Themselves’

‘I will say that Trey Gowdy knows better’


SCARBOROUGH: "The FBI, Trey, they gather evidence. So please do not ask an FBI director when he or she is before your committee about what’s happening in Pakistan, on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Don’t ask a CIA director about, quote, evidence. Not his job and you know that. Bush-league stuff! Why are Republicans making fools of themselves like this? I will say that Trey Gowdy knows better. There’s always a distraction. There’s always something to try to say, 'Look over here, look over here.' Like James Carville, 'Look at the bird, look over here, look over there.' I saw that yesterday. I was so frustrated. He knows better than that.”

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