Chris Wallace on Trump: ‘In So Many Instances He Is His Own Worst Enemy’

‘There is chaos and this city has been dramatically shaken in the last week ‘


WALLACE: "Can this president do it is very much in doubt. Yesterday, first he tweeted that in a meeting with a number of us national news anchors, the lunch meeting at the White House, he went on the record. I can tell you his staff was just shaking their heads saying that he thought it was a witch hunt, that he thought it was dividing the country, that the Russians were laughing at us, and then he was asked about it at the joint press conference with the Colombian president and did it again. Politics 101 would say, 'Take advantage of this, even if long-term it's a threat to you. Take advantage of the appointment of a special counsel and say, 'Look, there's a special counsel out there. They're doing their job.  Let’s focus on the agenda.'' This President doesn’t seem to be able to do that. As in so many instances, he is his own worst enemy."

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