Stephanopoulos to Obama: Are You Failing by Your Own Foreign Policy Standards?

‘I know we go back to the polls, but throughout the first half of my presidency, the polls consistently showed strong support for my foreign policy’

Stephanopoulos to Obama: Are You Failing By Your Own Foreign Policy Standards? (Washington Free Beacon)

Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos asked President Obama whether he had failed to live up to his own foreign policy standards during a wide-ranging interview Friday.

With polls showing the highest-ever disapproval for Obama’s foreign policy path and Iraq threatened to be completely overtaken by the terrorist group ISIL, the president argued “the world is messy” but he still welcomes the opportunity to solve problems.

Stephanopoulos read out from Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope,” where he wrote, “without a well-articulated strategy that the public supports and the world understands, America will lack legitimacy and ultimately the power it needs to make the world safer that on it is today.”

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